Fund Overview

The Fund seeks to provide investors with current income and attractive risk-adjusted returns with relatively low correlation to the public equity and fixed-income markets.

The Fund seeks to achieve low correlation to public equity and fixed-income markets by investing, under normal market conditions, a majority of its assets in instruments that are not included in major fixed-income indexes including high yield and investment grade indexes. These investments may include, but are not limited to, consumer whole loans, non-mortgage securitizations such as those backed by corporate and sovereign loans, consumer credit, project finance, lease/trade receivables, equipment retail installment contracts or leased equipment and individualized lending agreements, and instruments that either due to size or liquidity are not included in the more liquid index products.

Shares Offered Liquidity*
Class I Quarterly; 5% of Fund NAV
Inception Date Management Fee
Class I – December 5, 2022 1.25% of managed assets
Subscriptions Incentive Fee
Class I – $1,000,000 minimum
15%, subject to a hurdle rate
Distributions Hurdle Rate
Monthly (not guaranteed) 6% annualized

*Liquidity is limited and provided through quarterly repurchases. There is no guarantee that an investor will be able to sell all shares in a repurchase offer. There is no assurance that monthly distributions paid by the Fund will be maintained at a certain level or that distributions will be paid at all.

Contact Us

Retail Investors:

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Institutional Investors:

Shareholder Services + 1 855 552 5520
Please send the completed new account form to:

Regular Mail Delivery

Monachil Credit Income Fund
PO Box 2175
Milwaukee WI 53201-2175

Overnight Delivery

Monachil Credit Income Fund
C/O UMB Fund Services, Inc
235 W Galena Street
Milwaukee WI 53212


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